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Stock Management by EazyPrint.

Specially developed to tackle the most complex stock management challenges, StockAssist Industrial offers the ideal cost-effective solution to tracking and controlling your inventory across multiple locations, such as warehouses, distribution centres, service vans.

Using the latest RFID and barcoding technology, StockAssist Industrial provides you with a real-time overview of your stock levels, location, shelf-life information, stock rotation, making the management of your supply chain and distribution effort seamless and efficient.

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Multi-site inventory management

Having full sight of your stock across multiple locations, such as warehouses, distribution centres and service vans, can be very time consuming and costly.

StockAssist Industrial allows you to automate your effort, reducing overheads and providing you with an accurate and detailed analysis of your inventory in each location.


Maximise your supply chain management effort

With StockAssist Industrial, it is easy to plan your deliveries and shipments. Knowing the precise stock levels for each product allows you to plan your replenishment strategy efficiently, ensuring that you do not run out of products, whilst avoiding costly overstocking issues.


Your inventory at your fingertip

The real-time reporting functionality of StockAssist Industrial makes it easy to keep track of your stock wherever you are. Our packages include a choice of the latest handheld wireless scanning devices, mobile computers and fixed scanners to suit your operational needs.


Eliminate Surplus Stock

Large quantities of stock sitting on the shelves can be very costly to any business. Overstocking takes up space and, when space is at a premium and stock requires certain storage conditions which are moisture or temperature-sensitive, it can all amount to a significant expenditure. StockAssist allows you to replenish your inventory as and when you need it, ensuring you always maintain the optimal levels of products in your stock.


Make the most of staff time

Because StockAssist Industrial does all the time-consuming hard work of tracking and managing your inventory, this means that your staff can have more time to focus on the other aspects of their job.


Label Printing
Hand Held 
Mobile Devices
Cloud based
Ease of Reporting
On / Off Site Support

We know that not all stock items come with a barcode label. That’s why our StockAssist solutions come with a direct thermal label printer so that you can print the labels you need.

StockAssist Industrial can also print all the location labels that you need to be able to store your stock securely.

We supply best-in-class PDAs to use with StockAssist solutions.

These full-touch hand-held display devices that deliver sturdiness, power and performance in a smartphone form factor with the intuitive, user-friendly experience of Android™.

The devices can be used to pull up reports, scan barcodes, and will alert you when preferred alternative stock is available.

Our cloud-based software has been specially designed to integrate easily with most platforms and features an intuitive layout to streamline your inventory management processes. With a wealth of How-To Guides, you will be controlling your stock in no time.

Our solutions offer complete functionality to perform stocktakes across multiple locations. Our solutions include a suite of report options, with customization available on request

Our packages can be tailored to suit your needs, including:

  • On-site installation, setup and training

  • Subscription to StockAssist cloud

  • Multi-user licences

  • Off-site technical support.


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