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EazyPrint NiceLabel

From label design to print - Loftware NiceLabel offers everything you need to manage your labeling process, in one, easy-to-use system. Designed for rapid deployments at one site or across multiple locations, it is an ideal solution for mid-sized or growing businesses.

The Simplest Way to Meet All Your Labelling Needs

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Anytime, Anywhere Access to Labelling

EazyPrint NiceLabel gives you a flexible labeling process that can adapt to changing market demands. Make your labeling process device and location independent, accommodate remote workers and extend labeling to new partners and suppliers.

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Free up your IT Resources

With NiceLabel, business users can design and maintain label templates with ease. Furthermore, with NiceLabel Cloud, there’s no IT infrastructure to purchase or maintain.  You can be up and running in minutes and the software is updated automatically.

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Benefit from a Global Partner Network

Take advantage of our global robotics services and support organizations, always ready to answer questions, solve problems and help drive new initiatives and programs.

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