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What We Can Do for You


We offer a range of robotic solutions from our partner Epson, whether standalone or collaborative to suit your production automation needs. The Epson range of robotics can help you meet your present and future production demands. 


We offer a number of off the shelf solutions for all aspects of your manufacturing process including inventory and stock management, label design and print, as well as label management. We also offer custom software solutions for your print, apply and inspect process.

Automatic Labelling

We offer a versatile range of label applicators from leading global manufacturers for fast and solid labelling of a vast range of packaging. Our printer applicators apply labels to all types of products and packages.

Label Inspection

100% label and print quality inspection for Label Printers and Label Applicators. Inspect and Verify 1D and 2D Barcode fields, OCV/OCR and printed images to ensure your printed material is perfect every time.

Label Printers

EazyPrint supply, install and support the complete range of Epson barcode label printers. Along with supplying barcode label printers, we can custom develop label printing applications to satisfy specific customer requirements and we also supply a number of off-the-shelf label design software packages

Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification using barcode verifiers is a complex and highly technical field. There are numerous ISO (and other) standards governing barcode print quality, symbologies and structures. There are also many different industry standards such as GS1 and regional requirements such as French CIP.

"We are fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves."

Ken Goldberg

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